You can request a free IPTV testline easily and directly at Smarters IPTV


With unique anti-freeze technology paired with powerful servers, we always ensure a smooth TV experience.

No Logs

Following a strict no log policy, we vouch for your and our security that no personal data is stored.


Our growth speaks for itself. Customers who are looking for a high-quality IPTV are increasingly choosing Corvus IPTV.


All pay TV channels, many VOD contents and also 24/7 channels. Convince yourself and test our offer today without any obligation.

IPTV all channels bright

Our IPTV stands for quality. We always ensure a bright picture. Watch IPTV in many countries.

Germany, England, Netherlands, Spain, France, Poland & more

Free IPTV Testline

Why we are better than the competition?

Nice, fast and patient support. Almost all stations covered twice to be able to completely exclude a failure.

You can use our IPTV on all popular devices. Tablet/Smartphone/Receiver/SmartTV/Computer or on a Firestick. We are happy to help you with the setup.

Local cards / No freezer

Your current or old provider constantly has freezers at prime time? Then it is either not local cards or a too weak server structure. With us you do not have to fear any freezers due to local maps and several backup servers. (An internet connection of min. 20mb/s is required).

We are of the opinion that IPTV must run smoothly, especially during prime time, because what's the point of having smooth IPTV at 10:30 in the morning if you switch off after 5 minutes in the evening because of frustration.

Customer reviews

We have summarized some customer reviews for you here.

I bought a 3 connection, it works great. My son and I can watch soccer together and both my wife and our daughter can watch on other devices in parallel.

Marcel S.

Perfect. Really don't have any freezers, not even for games on Saturday afternoons - my old provider almost always had problems with the high number of users here.

Jonas W.

Unfortunately I couldn't get it to work at first, but the support helped me and now everything works as it should.

Jana B.

Try our IPTV. Simply register & request a free testline.

Some of our team members

Of course these are only nicknames and not the real names / nevertheless we give our customers a more personal feeling when dealing with support.


IPTV Testlines

Jens checks every incoming testline request for validity and then releases it. He also checks that there are no game days at the time of release!



Are you already a customer? Then Erik will have already dealt with one of your payments. If you have any questions about payment options / he will be happy to help you.



Our little chick Jana takes care of the troubleshooting. Usually these are simple configuration errors that can be fixed by you with a few clicks under Jana's guidance.



Our Thorsten takes care of the resellers in the area of IPTV. Usually, this runs directly via Telegram after the first successful recharge.




Support 9-20 h


LiveTV channel